Seeds of Greatness – WATCH THIS

Seeds of Greatness – WATCH THIS by Glen Gerreyn

 Nurture your seeds of greatness and grow a mighty oak tree

This video from high school speaker Glen Gerreyn highlights how to identify your hidden talents and nurture them.

 Everyone on the planet has what is known as ‘seeds of greatness’. These are your innate abilities, strengths or talents. Whether it is an affinity for music, a flair for netball or even a deep sense of the difference between right and wrong, everybody has these inclinations.

Don’t confuse seeds of greatness with instant brilliance; that takes hard work and persistence. This is about your inclinations and what you do with them.

 This video explains in detail the five steps to nurture your seeds of greatness:

  1. Plant them in good soil, by finding the right environment and getting good coaches, trainers, mentors and teachers. Remember: even the best athletes in the world have a coach!
  2. Water your seeds, by training, studying and practising. Your seeds won’t grow by themselves so work on them to help them thrive. While you’re at it, stop looking over the fence and comparing what you have to everybody else.   
  3. Pull out the ‘weeds’ of fear, doubt and negativity. Ignore the negative comments on social media and the people who do nothing but whine and complain. All this does is water the weeds. Just get rid of them and focus on your tree.
  4. Be patient and go through the seasons, including the ones where it feels like everything falls apart. Remember that just like winter, seasons where things get dark or you feel depressed will pass. Every storm moves on eventually.
  5. Wait for your seed to grow into a tree so you can sit in its shade, enjoy the fruit and feel fulfilled.

Successful people see the possibility in the tiny gifts they are given. They take their little seeds, plant them, water them and get rid of the weight pulling them down. As a result, they are rewarded with a massive oak tree.

Watch the video to find out more about nurturing your seeds of talent and hear how Glen has helped others to overcome their struggles and see a clearer path to achieving their goals.

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