Why I am Not an Accountant and People Who Urinate in Fishbowls!

Five tips to love what you do every day, excel at it and achieve more than anyone else

This video from renowned high school speaker Glen Gerreyn explains why some people have careers they love and always seem to be on top of the world.

Take a look at five simple but powerful strategies to create massive change in your own world.

1. Work hard at what you love

It sounds simple and it is. But working hard is also about not giving up.

Did you know basketballer Kobe Bryant once had a season where he didn’t get the ball through the hoop in a single game? Instead of walking away, he tried harder.

When it comes to working hard, make sure it is at something you love. Even if you’re good at numbers, unless you love them you will never be a happy accountant.

Watch the video to find out the sweet spot between your abilities and your appetite.

2. Be disciplined

Albert Einstein, who is synonymous with the term ‘genius’, said “I’m not really all that smart. What I do is I just stick at a problem for far longer than most people”.

Like Kobe Bryant, Einstein was disciplined. Neither walked away from their setbacks. They gritted their teeth and tried again. If you obsessively train every single day for two or three hours for one or two years, you’re gonna make quantum leaps. But you have to do the work and show up.

3. Get organised

I’m convinced most of the stress in our world happens because we are not organised.

To be successful, you need structure in your daily life. You need to-do lists and an organised diary.

Set a plan, work the plan and get organised. When you decide your habits, they help shape your future. I know this might sound a little bit contradictory but it’s not. We actually don’t get to decide our future. What we actually get to decide is our habits, then our habits decide our future for us.

4. F.O.C.U.S

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both say focus is the one thing that helps people become successful.

When you’re truly focused, you won’t quit because something is too difficult or you had a bad day. You’ll avoid distractions that are trying to pull you in every direction and you’ll get more done.

Think of it this way: Follow One Course Until Successful (FOCUS)

5. Execute

If you want to get really clear on what you need to be doing, execute! Take action, implement a program and do something. In other words, get in the game. As imperfect as your game is, once you’re in, you get the lay of the land and get to work out what your next move should be.

Follow advice from film director James Cameron. He says if you want to be a film-maker, “Pick up a camera. Shoot something, no matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sisters star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director.”

Take a look at the video for more detail on how these five steps can lead you to your ideal life.

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